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Cover Letter

As an experienced professional in the Video Security industry, I believe I can be a valuable asset to any company that needs an exceptional communicator with a strong technical background in Video and Audio technologies.

I offer over 15 years of experience as a Manager of Applications, Regional Sales, Products and Vertical Markets. During my tenure as Field Sales Manager, I was part of a small team that produced over 20% annual growth in North America. The 4 years of Sales responsibilities taught me that the key to being a great communicator is to be a good listener.

One of the skills Iím most proud of is my ability to take complex topics and translate it to the layperson. Iíve been able to hone this skill through years of Sales and Technical presentation. This, combined with a history of presenting well-attended Seminars, has secured me top speaking slots at ISC and other major industry expositions.

These traits allow me to drive both Engineering and Marketing in shaping new features, products and marketing strategies to bring increased success. Iíve always been an active, welcome collaborator to these key departments.

Additionally, I bring the following experience or accomplishments:

Reauthored all Sales & Marketing Collateral Materials for prior companies, including Data Sheets, Brochures, Website, Product CD, A&E Specs, Application drawings, Product Comparisons. Developed End Cap packaging and promotions for Distribution.
Created turnkey training programs for new product release. This includes authoring Powerpoint presentations, Application notes and competitive analysis.
Reauthored all Website content and structure for improved access, with greater information.
Published writer in many industry trade magazines.
Extensive business travel experience, in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Avid hobbyist in Digital and conventional photography, video and audio, especially involving compression technologies.

Ideally, I seek a position within Sales and/or Marketing, utilizing my presentation skills and meeting with customers. I welcome the opportunity for some domestic and international travel, and would prefer to be based out of Southern California. Here are positions I have proven skills, and would be very interested in:

With this I bring enthusiasm to whatever challenge is presented. If you need someone with these attributes, qualifications and experience, I can help achieve the goals you seek.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Wilber